Dining Room Inspiration

Now that Shawn and I  are married and living together (still kind of weird to say…), I’m slowly working on making my 2 bed – 2 bath apartment style condo feel like ours instead of just mine. I  definitely need to go through my own things and get rid of a bunch because I  just have way too much stuff.

The first area of the condo I  really want to nail down is the dining room. We love to cook and we love to eat. We even have weekly ‘family dinners’ with a small group of friends where we rotate homes every Wednesday. I’d love to have a dining table that seats 8 because we love to have friends over to eat a meal or play a game or simply just sit around the table and catch up on life. The style I’ve got going on in my (all carpeted – except the kitchen) condo is what Pinterest would classify as “Modern Farmhouse”. At least that’s what I  think it would be called. My color palette is white and Navy with a hint (read: a lot) of tan because that’s the color of our carpet.

I’ve gathered together some dining room inspiration from Pinterest and would love to hear what you think! Don’t worry – I’ll make sure to do some before and after photos once I  get going.


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